Monday, November 15, 2010

About Adsense

AdSense is an advertising partnership program through Internet media held by Google. Through its AdSense advertising program, owners of web sites or blogs that have signed up and approved its membership may install advertising units that form and material have been determined by Google in their web pages.

The owner of the website or blog will get a profit sharing revenue from Google for each ad clicked by visitors to the site, known as a Pay Per Click (PPC) or pay per click.

In addition to providing ads with pay-per-click system, also provides a Google AdSense for search (AdSense for Search) and referral ads (Referral).

In the AdSense for search, web site owners can install the Google search box on their web pages. The site owner will get revenue from Google for each search conducted visitors through the search box, which continues to click on ads that are included in the search results.

On referral ads, site owners will receive an income after click on the ad continues with certain actions by visitors who have agreed on between Google.

Ad Units. What is meant by Ad Units are AdSense ads themselves. Ad Units consist of several types and sizes. The most common type of ad text. At the time a visitor clicks on this ad unit, then (if legal) advertisers will get revenue in accordance with the CPC values its.

UnitsLink Link Units similar to Ad Units, except that the format is similar to the usual format of the menu we encountered on web sites. What distinguishes the Ad Link Units Units is at the user clicks on these ads, it will be directed on search results pages in Google's search engine.

New publisher will earn when visitors click on one ad unit on the page. In practice, Link Units proved to generate more revenue than usual Ad Units.

AdSense for Content is installed on the AdSense ads in a page. The ads that appear are the ads that relate to the contents page. Or phrase using contextual concept. Ad Units and Link Units are included in the AdSense for Content of this.


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